Rohan has designed several novel and futuristic curricula. These include:



The HUMAN Project 

The HUMAN Project is an invitation to wrap our minds around the big questions:  Who are we, humans? Who should we become? Where should we head next?​ What should our generation do to advance the HUMAN project? We know more. We are more connected. We can think bigger. We can dream bigger. We can mobilize at an unprecedented scale. The curriculum focuses on the existential threats facing our species and on finding our place in the grand scheme of existence and in an incomprehensibly vast universe.   


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GEMS Honours Programme

The GEMS Honours programme is a distinctive and exclusive programme certified by GEMS Education designed to integrate the study of arts, science, and philosophy. Through cross-curricular activities, field trips, and blended learning, the curriculum prepares a select group of motivated, more-able, high-functioning students in upper high school to be leaders, critical thinkers, innovators, and inter-disciplinary problem solvers.  The programme allows for conversations to move outside the classroom, to shared experiences in museums, theatres, galleries, and also on national radio and international media and educational platforms.

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The Global Futures Curriculum 

The Global Futures Curriculum (GFC) is a bespoke programme create in collaboration with Singularity University. The GFC provides students with the insight, conceptual framework and tools to understand, and succeed in, a rapidly changing society.  It provides students with deep intellectual insight into a range of exponential technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Digital Biology, Robotics, etc.) and offers a “toolkit” centred around design and critical thinking approaches.


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Awecademy Programme

The Awecademy Programme is a futuristic collection of learning modules that are interdisciplinary in nature, informed by the latest research from Neuroscience and Mind-Brain Education, and cover a range of futuristic themes, including 21st Century Ethics, Future Studies, Contemporary Philosophy etc. An integral part of the programme is Shots of Awe: Deep Think, that aims to put Jason Silva's videos into an educational context. 


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