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Information technologies are growing at exponential rates. We know that we will soon have computing powers that will be trillions of times more powerful than all human brains that have ever existed thinking simultaneously. Whatever can be done by A.I. will be done by A.I. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will usher in an age of Real Virtualities.


With the strides being made in Genetics, future generations of poets will compose genomes and create new species of life with the same fluency that Blake and Byron wrote verses – as Freeman Dyson puts it. Computing with DNA, spintronics (computing with the spin of electrons), Li-Fi, and quantum computing are all works in progress and will become commonplace in the coming decades. We are seeing compression in Space-Time-Matter-Energy. Various forms of smart agents, Artificial Intelligences, Cyborgs, and direct machine-brain interfaces are already among us.


The merger of biological and non-biological intelligence, immortal humans integrated with software, and greater-than-human intelligence that expands outward in the universe at the speed of light – is that our destiny?


FUTURISM presented by Awecademy in collaboration with HP is an 8-part educational series designed by Rohan Roberts, that takes a techno-philosophical and techno-optimistic view of the future. The series offers new insights and new perspectives into how emerging technologies will shape our lives in the future and change human society in surprising ways.


Session 1: Exponential Technologies​


Join us as we consider the impact of exponential technologies and disruptive innovations on all aspects of society


Key Areas of focus:

  • Linear and exponential growth.

  • The law of accelerating returns.

  • Impact of Moore’s Law.

  • The Technological Singularity


Session 2: A Taxonomy of Artificial Intelligence


A.i. will have a massive impact on the human condition. Join us as we discuss the impact of the cognifying revolution on humans and on education.


Key Areas of focus:

  • Different types of A.i.

  • A.i. creating art and music

  • Impact on future jobs

  • Purpose of future education


Session 3: The Technological Singularity



Join us as we discuss the impact of the Technological Singularity – a time in the future at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Key Areas of focus:

  • Singularity

  • Greater-than-human intelligence

  • Implications of super A.I.


Session 4: Brain Mapping and Neuroeducation




Join us as we discuss the impact of the latest research from brain mapping and brain scanning technologies on the future of education.



Key Areas of focus:


  • Education as a science

  • Global brain projects

  • Role of neuroeducation

  • Key takeaways from Mind-Brain Learning


Technological Convergence & a Future of Abundance



Join us as we discuss how emerging technologies are growing exponentially and transforming business industries, and all aspects of our lives.


Key Areas of focus:

  • Abundance mindsets

  • Disruptive innovation

  • Techno-optimism

  • Synthetic life forms & designer babies

  • Future jobs, future skills


Transcension and Transhumanism



Join us as we discuss how humans are merging with our technologies and taking control of our genetic destiny. We will also analyse some of the ethical consequences of this on future human societies.


Key Areas of focus:

  • Brain-to-brain interfaces

  • 3-printed organs

  • Space colonization

  • Synthetic life forms & Designer babies


The Technium: 7th Kingdom of Nature



Join us as we discuss the Technium and the technological trends that will influence human society over the next 20 years.


Key Areas of focus:

  • To analyze the meaning of Technium

  • Impact of Big Data

  • Accessing information

  • Technology for sharing and collaborating

  • Filtering new information


Future Knowledge: The Beginning of Infinity


Join us as we discuss the tools we need to create the knowledge of the future and ensure human progress.

Key Areas of focus:

  • Difference between Data, Knowledge, & Wisdom

  • Jumps to universality

  • The Technological Singularity

  • Post-humans

  • Humanics / Robot-proof curriculum

  • Wise cyborgs

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