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Rohan Roberts is a recognised AI Expert known for his insightful contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and its intersection with education and societal development. His engagements span from consulting for organisations and start-ups, advising think tanks and delivering thought-provoking talks to authoring white paper reports, drafting policy, developing future-focused learning modules for students, and designing training sessions for educators—all aimed at demystifying AI and its implications. He has been described as a Digital Artisan and a Hyperstition Engineer. 



As an AI consultant and advisor, Rohan focuses on advising organisations on how best to use artificial intelligence technologies to achieve their business goals, encompassing everything from strategy development to implementation. It involves expertise in AI and machine learning, data infrastructure, and the specific industry in which the AI solutions are applied.


He currently is a Strategic Advisor for AIDEN, a think-tank in partnership with Dubai Future Foundation that is transforming the future of work by addressing the $8.8 Trillion Employee Disengagement Problem. He was the 2023 Leap Forward and Orbital Talks stages advisor at LEAP (been billed as the largest tech conference in the world) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Edtech, and the Future of Learning.


In the recent past, he has been an advisor to organisations like Singularity University and Expo 2020 Next Gen World Majlis about the impact of AI on society in general and on education in particular.

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a.i. policy

In addition to writing the Ethical Use of AI Policy for GEMS Education, Rohan was also invited to the 2023 Dubai Assembly for Generative AI to be part of Meta’s Exploring Generative AI Transparency: Approaches and Tools for Responsible Innovation symposium at Dubai Future Accelerators,  part of the Dubai Future Foundation.


Along with other interdisciplinary experts, the aim was to tackle essential policy dimensions related to transparency in Generative AI and test frameworks for Generative AI Transparency against use cases in health, education and media, aiming to gather collective insights and feedback from experts for the responsible deployment of AI in the region and beyond.


a.i. Talks

Rohan has delivered talks on the educational and societal impact of AI at various conferences and forums including at the World Education Summit, Global Art Forum-Art Dubai, SciFest Dubai, Leap, Dubai Future Accelerators, GEMS AI Conclave and AREA 2071.


As the Director of Innovation and Future Learning at GEMS Education, he leads the FUTURE TALKS sessions, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the impact of AI and designed to engage stakeholders in meaningful conversations about the importance of AI in shaping the future of education and society at large.

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ResearchED is a UK-based organisation that aims to elevate the professionalism of educators by promoting evidence-based practices in teaching and learning.Rohan is scheduled to give the following talks at the 2024 edition of ResearchED.


cAFE scientifique

As the founder of Café Scientifique Dubai, Rohan has organised and led several events related to Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Large Language Models. These event play a crucial role in demystifying A.I., making it accessible to the public by facilitating informal discussions in relaxed, sociable environments, fostering a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning. Below are a few reecent Cafe Sci events related to AI organised by Rohan for the scientific, educational and tech community in Dubai. 

a.i. integration

Rohan led the strategic partnership and collaboration between GEMS Education and Cerego.

​Based out of Silicon Valley, Cerego is an adaptive learning technology platform founded on principles of neuroscience and cognitive science. Cerego’s patented artificial intelligence technology uses the scientific method of spaced rehearsal as the basis for memory retention. 

​Rohan spearheaded the utilisation and integration (across a network of two dozen schools in Dubai) of Cerego’s A.I. platform that provides a unique data-driven, adaptive learning model for building knowledge and consolidating learning.



Rohan specialises in training educators on the integration of AI technologies into their teaching practices. He has developed and led training sessions in which he equips teachers with the expertise to leverage AI tools such as Chat GPT, MidJourney, and DALL-E, transforming classroom dynamics through personalized learning, enhanced creative expression, and interactive discussions.


His workshops also delve into the ethical use of AI, promoting digital citizenship, addressing biases, and ensuring data privacy to prepare educators for a future-oriented teaching environment.


a.i. Curricula

Rohan is a curriculum specialist who has designed comprehensive lesson plans, educational modules, presentations, and webinars aimed at demystifying artificial intelligence for learners across various age groups.


His work encompasses a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, to ethical considerations, data privacy, and the societal impacts of AI. He emphasises hands-on learning, critical thinking, and the practical application of AI technologies in real-world scenarios.


A.I. prompt

Rohan is a skilled prompt engineer who crafts intricate prompts to generate unique art using Generative AI tools. His digital art was exhibited at the prestgious Volte Art Projects Gallery in Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai. 


He shares his expertise through in-person workshops and online tutorials, teaching others how to master prompt engineering for creative expression. His work blends technical proficiency with artistic vision, opening new avenues for digital creativity.

A.I. Articles

Rohan is a prolific writer who discusses artificial intelligence and its growing presence in various fields. He takes a techno-optimistic perspective when he writes about the philosophy of AI and the role of AI in education, spirituality, and creativity.


Below is a selection of his articles about AI. 

1. Sapience is not Sentience.webp
2. New Engineer is Prompt Engineer.webp
5 Visualising Knowledge_Enhancing Learning Engagement through Text-to-Video.webp
4 Epistemology in Advaita Vedanta and Artificial Intelligence.webp
7 Role of Teachers.webp
Beyond Chomsky.webp
9. Intelligence in a post-ai world.webp
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