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Rohan has organised an eclectic series of events that aim to promote an interdisciplinary approach to art and science and to celebrate everything from film and philosophy to archaeology and astronomy. 

ART CUISINE: Gustav Klimt
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An enchanting dinner presentation celebrating the art of Gustav Klimt, the psychoanalytical influence of Freud, and fin-de-siecle music of Mahler, Debussy, Wagner, and Ravel.

The Burn Brilliantly art exhibition aims to capture in digital art form a sense of the numinous that we feel when we contemplate the vastness of the cosmos and juxtapose it with the sense of awe and wonder Burners feel when they’re out on the playa at Black Rock City.

FILM SCREENING: Solyaris (1972)
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Chocolate and the Stars
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A special screening of the exquisite, engrossing, metaphysical psycho-drama, Sci-fi masterpiece, and profound existential Russian classic from 1972: Solaris. Followed by an open-mic discussion of  the themes of the film: the nature of reality and consciousness, the limits of rationalism, and the perverse power of ill-fated love.

A visit to the most exciting chocolate factory in Dubai to learn about the art and science of making chocolate along with a discussion about  the science behind Mirzam and other prominent winter stars and constellations.

VILLES ÉTEINTES: Darkened Skies, T. Cohen
Darkened Skies.png
ART DUBAI: Icons & Dark Series

French photographer Thierry Cohen imagines the world’s cities without light in his exhibition ‘Darkened Cities’ at the East Wing gallery in DIFC.

'ICONS', by Swiss based artists Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger is a collection of carefully recreated iconic photographs - both historic and artistic - painstakingly re-staged in the studio.  

BASTAKIYA: Astronomy Art Exhibition
Cafe Scientifique Dubai 

An astronomy themed art exhibition held in Bastakiya Art District in Al Fahidi Historical Old Dubai.

A series of meetup events to talk about science, techno-philosophy, technology, and the future. 

Project PROSE & CONS
Prose and Cons.png
STAR PARTY: Fossils and Nebulas

John MacDonald's "Prose & Cons" began life in 1990 as a weekly column in The Mercury, a morning paper in Durban, South Africa. This project led by Rohan Roberts aims to bring the Prose & Cons archives into the electronic era.

Dinner in the desert
Camping under the stars
Stargazing in the dunes

Hunting for Fossils

SPACE ODDITY: Music Concert

A science-themed musical concert produced by Rohan at Meydan IMAX. 

A one-of-kind fashion show produced by Rohan celebrating cosmic wonder.

Performance Poetry
LEAP: A Science Play

A poetry performance celebrating cosmology, neuroscience, and biology.

A science play about Isaac Newton directed by Lara Matossian and produced by Rohan Roberts

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