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About the Programme:

The Global Futures Curriculum (GFC) is a bespoke programme for high school students co-created by Rohan Roberts (GEMS Education) and Singularity University. The GFC provides students with the insight, conceptual framework and tools to understand, and succeed in, a rapidly changing society.

The GFC consists of twenty 2-hour modules for students aged 14-18. The programme allows students to understand the nature of exponential technologies (Genetics, Nanotech, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3 D printing, Brain mapping and brain scanning, Sensors etc.) and how to leverage it for their future success in a world of accelerating change.

The Global Futures Curriculum (GFC) provides students with:

  • Deep intellectual insight into a range of exponential technologies

  • Conceptual frameworks for discussing the positive and potentially negative implications of these technologies.

  • A “tool kit” centred around design and critical thinking approaches that will help students to make more informed career and life decisions in an era of exponential change

  • An appreciation of the extent to which both students can leverage exponential technologies and address some of society’s greatest challenges

Overview of the modules:

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