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We’ve seen more technological change in the last 100 years than in the last 1000. Any technology that’s an information technology is growing at an exponential rate: genetics, nanotechnology, robotics, quantum computing, VR, AR, 3D-printing, sensors, drones, etc. 


Of all the emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence is set to have the biggest impact on humanity. We now have A.I. that can do all the things that once only humans could do. We have A.I. that can create art, make music, write stories, drive cars and translate languages.


We are now in the midst of what’s being described as the Cognifying Revolutions. Everything that can be done by A.I. will be done by A.I.  Peter Diamandis points out that A.I. will have a bigger impact on the human condition than did the discovery of fire and the invention of electricity.


The five-part Age of A.I. series designed by Rohan Roberts takes a deep dive into various aspects of Artificial Intelligence. This techno-philosophical series explores the implications and consequences of the development of A.I. and helps prepare participants for a world where humans intelligence will increasingly start to merge with artificial intelligence.


Session 1:

Artificial Intelligence and Multiple Intelligences​


Join us as we discuss the meaning of intelligence and analyse the overlap between human intelligence and machine intelligence.

Key Areas of focus:

  • The cognifying revolution

  • Narrow - , General-, and Super A.I.

  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences


Session 2:

Intelligent Robot or Vacant Programming



Join us as we discuss whether machine intelligence is simply empty code or if there is genuine understanding.


Key Areas of focus:

  • The Turing Test

  • Intelligence vs Consciousness

  • Biological and Artificial neural networks


Session 3:

Artificial Intelligence and Multiple Intelligences​



Join us as we discuss how A.I. is creating art, making music, using language and writing scripts.

Key Areas of focus:

  • Different types of A.I.

  • A.I. creating art and music

  • Impact on future jobs

  • Purpose of future education


Session 4:

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics


Join us as the ethical issues that arise out of the development of Artificial Intelligence.


Key Areas of focus:

  • Future ethics

  • Privacy and security

  • Policy and regulation


Session 5:

A.I. and the Age of Augmentation


Join us as we discuss how we merge with our technologies, enhance our bodies and mind, and create a better version of ourselves.


Key Areas of focus:

  • Cyborgs and symbiotic hybrids

  • Bionic enhancement

  • Humanity 2.0

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