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The World Majlis is Expo 2020’s signature platform for ‘Connecting Minds’. It is an original format for open, informed and measured conversations between diverse thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers. 

In 2017, Rohan was invited to participate as a speaker at the very first World Majlis. The focus was on "Connecting Education and Opportunity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution."


In 2020, he was invited back to moderate and facilitate a conversation about "Navigating our New Hyperconnected Reality".

In 2021 and 2022, Rohan was invited to moderate several Expo 2020 Next-Gen World Majlis sessions including:

  • HEALTH AND WELLNESS WEEK: What if the health of others became our number one priority?

  • FOOD, AGRICULTURE, & LIVELIHOODS WEEK: What if we could feed the next billion people and support our planet?

  • SPACE WEEK: Planet B: Starting again but doing things differently.

  • GLOBAL GOALS WEEK: A School for My Children: Notes from the Teachers and Parents of Tomorrow

  • TRAVEL AND CONNECTIVITY WEEK: Screen Time vs. People Time

  • TOLERANCE AND INCLUSIVITY WEEK: Bridging the Divide: bringing bold changes with wisdom

  • URBAN AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT WEEK: The Places You'll Go: Imagining the perfect city of tomorrow.

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